Ether-Inspect Standard

The Ether-Inspect Standard class gives students an overview of the Ether-Inpsect GigE camera configuration environment  and teaches the student the basics needed to get started using Ether-Inspect.

This class discusses the industrial processor using vision technology, GigE cameras, simple and customizable user interface templates, and ethernet communications to access tools and parameters needed to solve many vision applications from single camera barcode reading, to complex multi-camera inspections.

Part Number: TRN-EI-CGNX-STD

  1. Familiarity with Microsoft Windows environment.
  1. What is Ether-Inspect
  2. Screen Layout
  3. Setup/Config Menu
  4. Ether ID Template
  5. Ether Sort Template
  6. RTV Bead Inspect Template
  7. Ether Inspect Template Walk-through
  8. Advanced Configuration
  9. Quality Work


The detailed content may vary from country to country.


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