C2 Training

The C2 Logistics Training is the second level in the Cognex Logistics Partner (LPI) and Logistics Solution Partner (LSP) Certification Program. On completion of C1 Certification, this module provides advanced knowledge of the hardware, software and deep knowledge to complete installation and commissioning process of more complex Cognex Logistics solutions. Attendees will learn how to walk through the process of installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of advanced tunnel solutions.

On completion of the training, engineers will be able to successfully deploy five and six-sided solutions in the Logistics environment. This module is offered free of charge to LPI’s that have completed C1 Certification.


  1. Demonstrate how to commission multi-sided tunnel application in Logistics environment
  2. Navigate and utilize advanced settings of the DataMan Setup Tool
  3. Ability to commission advanced solutions
  4. Ability to troubleshoot and suggest on-site modifications of logistics solutions
  5. Ability to describe benefits of tunnel deployment


  1. Familiarity with Microsoft® Windows® environment is required.
  2. Proficiency in usage of mechanical tools.
  3. Pass the C1 Certification exam and attend the required C2 level mentored on-site activities.
1. Machine Vision, Lighting Advanced Concepts
2. Advanced Electrical Setup
3. Commissioning
4. Advanced Communication
5. Advanced Scripting & Troubleshooting



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