AE2 Advantage 視覺引擎這款體積非常小巧 (14.5mm x 29.1mm x 20.5mm)、運用有彈性,但也具成本效益的產品,讓 OEM 能夠利用康耐視的強大視覺與 ID 工具。和傳統的掃描引擎不同,AE2 Advantage 視覺引擎提供同類產品中最佳的一維與二維條碼讀取能力,加上獲業界肯定的全套視覺工具,可為嵌入式視覺應用找出、分析及檢測元件或特徵。AE2 Advantage 視覺引擎是專為與 OEM 產品深入整合而設計。AE2 也隨附深獲肯定且簡單易用的康耐視應用軟體。


Flexible vision engine integration, optics and communications

The AE2 vision engine allows maximum flexibility for an OEM to custom design Cognex embedded vision technology into their product.

  • Two communication options—connect, communicate, and transfer images via Ethernet or send data with RS-232
  • Deep integration— a flat ribbon cable connects to the 31-pin ZIF connector for access to all communication, power and I/O signals or use the standard Cognex I/O board with a RJ-45 connection for Ethernet and a cable with DB-15 connector for power, I/O and RS-232 communication.
  • Modular optics offer a wide range of field of view and working distance alternatives
  • Built in illumination simplifies integration requirements.


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