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Deep Learning

Advantages of Cognex Deep Learning

ViDi Analyze identifying hit stain and OCR hot spot examples

Cognex Deep Learning pushes the boundaries of deep learning-based inspection in factories

A new generation of deep learning-based image analysis designed for factory automation offers manufacturers the chance to create new inspection systems that push the boundaries of automated inspection. Cognex Deep Learning is a ready-to-use deep learning-based technology optimized for real-world industrial image analysis.

Unlike other deep learning-based software, Cognex Deep Learning:
  • Works with a small set of training images, unlike the thousands typical of other deep learning software.
  • Involves limited computing power, requiring just one GPU card in a machine.
  • Can be maintained and retrained on the factory floor without a machine builder or system integrator’s intervention.
  • Works with high resolution images, including color and thermal, to recognize virtually any anomaly.

Cognex Deep Learning allows technicians to train a deep learning-based model in minutes, based only on a small sample image set. Once the application is configured, the tools deliver fast, accurate results and saves images for process control.

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