In-Sight 2800 Standard

The In-Sight® 2800 Standard featuring Edge Learning class teaches students how to solve vision applications using the In-Sight 2800 vision sensor and the EasyBuilder environment.

The In-Sight 2800 Standard class gives new In-Sight 2800 users an overview of the hardware and software used by In-Sight 2800 vision sensor. With the focus on getting the most from the EasyBuilder interface, users learn how to walk through the process of setting up a vision application step-by-step. This interface features a clean point-and-click environment,  requires no programming, and uses intuitive menus enabling students to focus on solving their application quickly and effectively. 


At the end of this training participants will be able to:

    • Successfully log into the In-Sight Vision Suite

    • Demonstrate how to navigate through the Image step of the EasyBuilder User Interface

    • Add a Pattern Locate tool to the workspace and find a pattern on the part

    • Record an image library and bring that library into the Classify Tool 

    • Utilize the Measurement Tools to find the width and height of the Cognex Logo Rectangle

    • Add tool parameters to the EasyView to display on the HMI page

    • Configure both a Discrete Input and a Discrete Output line

  1. Familiarity with Microsoft® Windows® environment
  1. Overview of the In-Sight 2800 and Getting Connected

  2. Overview of EasyBuilder and Setting up an Image

  3. Inspection Tools

  4. ViDi EL Tool

  5. HMI Setup 

  6. Measurement, Math, and Logic Tools

  7. Communication and Inputs/Outputs


The detailed content may vary from country to country.


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