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Upgrading Vision System

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Course Audience:

Customers upgrading their existing vision application with Cognex Software. Includes replacing existing vision technology or updating the Cognex vision environment or adding new vision functionality to existing applications.

Course Goal:

Ensure a smooth transition from the existing vision system while meeting time-to-market requirements; additionally includes building and enhancing the vision knowledge base of customers. The customers will be educated on updates conducted to extend and maintain the vision application. If needed, packages for retrofitting can also be created.

Package Components and Associated Time Frames

  • Reviewing application requirements (1 day)
  • Custom product training for up to 4 people at the customer's site or Cognex facility (2 days)
  • Initial discussions of software architecture (½ day) Implementation (½ day)
  • Implementation review and advanced training at the customer facility (2 days)

In this package, customers do 2 weeks of implementation and trials on their own, assisted by phone and/or remote support on demand. This package also includes 4 development dongles valid for 12 months (if applicable).

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