1D/2D QuickSort

1D/2D QuickSort is a proprietary algorithm that leverages artificial intelligence to decode multi-symbology labels up to three times faster than conventional methods. The technology enables DataMan 380 and 580 readers to simultaneously read multiple codes, labels, and packages even when there are short package gaps on the line.

Cognex modular vision tunnels scan various barcode symbologies.


High-Definition Range Plus (HDR+) is an innovative technology that improves depth of field, line speeds, and code handling increasing image contrast to create a more uniform image in a single acquisition.

A rendering of two packages in close proximity, which makes uniform lighting difficult and obscures side-mounted barcodes.

Packages in close proximity inhibit uniform lighting.

An image of a package with obscured barcodes caused by poor lighting and close proximity to another package.

Irregular lighting obscures barcodes and reduces read rates.

An image enhanced by HDR+, which illuminates poorly-lit barcodes to make them readable.

HDR+ facilitates higher read rates while maintaining close package proximity by creating uniform images.

Barcode assignment technology allowing barcode scanning on packages very close on a line

Barcode Assignment

This technology reduces multi-read errors and recirculation problems associated with packages and parcels that are very close together on a line, reducing misreads while increasing throughput. Cognex 3D vision tools track boxes through the reading zone and only accept codes that are read on specific surfaces.


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