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Enterprise Mobile Device Benefits & Total Cost of Ownership

For many enterprises, the pressure to increase productivity while cutting costs is higher than ever. Investing in a modular mobile terminal device from Cognex versus a purpose-built device from another company carries several benefits as well as significant cost savings. Let’s compare:

Company A
Year 1
MX Mobile Terminal

Purchases 100 MX® mobile terminals, smartphones, and accessories

  • Workers are immediately familiar with smartphone interface from personal use
  • Modular lights, filters, and lens options available based on varying application needs
Year 2
Continues to upgrade

Upgrades smartphone software on ongoing basis

Year 3
Year 4
MX Top Cover and Phone
MX Base and Accessories

Takes advantage of a new technology that speeds up productivity and accuracy

  • Purchases new top covers & phones for around $250 per device
  • Keeps rugged base
  • Keeps all existing chargers and accessories
  • Protects investment in barcode reading technology
Year 5
Continuing Upgrades

Continues to upgrade on ongoing basis

Spends around
to upgrade* over 5 years

Company B
Year 1
Purpose Built Device

Purchases 100 purpose-built devices and accessories

  • Workers must be trained on unfamiliar operating system
  • Compromises on modular flexibility
Year 2
Continues to upgrade

Must rely on device manufacturer to provide software updates

Year 3
Year 4

Wants to take advantage of new technology, but must wait for new purpose-built device with the latest technology to be manufactured

Year 5
Throwing away old purpose-built device

Finally takes advantage of newer technology

  • Purchases new purpose-built device, chargers, and accessories for around $1,500 per device
  • Discards existing devices, chargers, and accessories
  • Retrains workers on new, unfamiliar device

Spends around
to upgrade over 5 years

*Calculation based on Samsung J3 smartphone $150 list price

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