Simplify deployment of your In-Sight 7905V verifier with calibration cards, protocol guidance, and an optional stand for offline verification.

  • Calibration card accessory
    Calibration Cards

    A basic calibration card with both a UPC and a Data Matrix symbol is included with In-Sight 7905V. A conformance calibration card with test symbols that have intentional errors is available to purchase separately. The industry will dictate the type of calibration card needed. Cards expire two years from the issue date.

  • InSight stand accessory in vertical position
    Adjustable Stand

    The adjustable height stand accessory provides users with a fast and easy way to present labels and parts for offline barcode verification. An optional extension arm accommodates parts of varying size and shape, allowing you to easily position them under the verifier.

  • DataMan 475VS Label verifier mounting bracket for stand
    Label Mounting Bracket

    Mounting bracket for attaching In-Sight 7905V label model to the stand.

  • Binder for Cognex Validation Protocol
    Validation Protocol

    Designed for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, the Cognex Validation Protocol allows you to deploy virtually all the functions of your barcode verifier, its software settings, and options. It includes hundreds of test barcodes, each designed to test specific operational characteristics of the verifier.

  • DataMan 475VS Stand Accessory extension arm
    Extension Arm

    Optional extension arm can be quickly attached to increase the maximum part height of the stand from 5.5 inches to 11.5 inches or 17.5 inches when using two extension arms.


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