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Beverage bottles on conveyor belt

Food and Beverage

Product Consistency Inspection

Machine vision systems detect damage and ensure consistency in size, shape, color, and texture

Product consistency and damage inspection

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2D Machine Vision Systems Insight 7000 and hand holding In-Sight 9000

In-Sight Vision Systems

Easy to use, industrial-grade smart cameras with advanced machine vision technology.

PatMax locating complicated metal parts on busy background

Part Location with PatMax

Accurate and repeatable part and feature location technology

Manufacturers must eliminate baking and other cosmetic defects to ensure customer satisfaction. Even a few seconds of defective production can mean dozens of rejected batches, negatively impacting production, throughput, and the bottom line.

Cognex PatMax technology and color tools recognize designs and stamps despite changes in orientation, angle, lighting, and other conditions which affect the appearance of items on the line. PatMax learns an object’s geometry using a set of boundary curves, then looks for similar shapes in the image, without relying on specific gray levels. Damaged and broken goods are rejected before they proceed to packaging or distribution, avoiding costly returns and protecting brand reputation.

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