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In-Sight SnAPP sensor by default is set to DHCP. Please use the the Cognex Device Discovery Utility, found under the Resources section, to find your device on your network for the first time.

Please navigate to the Setting tab and enable the Misconfigured devices option and apply this change. You should be now able to see your sensor in the list of devices. If you are still having issues finding your device, please contact Cognex Tech Support for more network troubleshooting help.
The In-Sight SnAPP sensor is rated at an IP 67. For more hardware information, please look at the Hardware reference guide in the Resources section.

If you are seeing an icon while training, you should see an error message appear in the bottom middle section of your View frame with one of the following messages:

  • "Fixture not found" - This error happens when using fixturing in the Set ROI step and the sensor can not see the unique feature that you trained on. Please switch to the full field of view with the overlay button in the top left corner and move the feature into the field of view of the sensor. If the feature is in the field of view of the camera but is not being found, please retrain the fixture tool.
  • "Region of interest out of bounds" - This error appears when the sensor has found your fixture in the field of view, but the region of interest box is out of bounds of the image. Please adjust your part back into the field of view of the sensor or shrink the region of interest box in the Set ROI Step.
The In-Sight SnAPP sensor's indicator lights will be red to show that the sensor is currently not trained. The In-Sight SnAPP sensor's lights will only turn green in the event of a passing result in an application.

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