In-Vitro Diagnostics Lab Automation

Machine vision and barcode reading automate devices and testing

Cognex In-Vitro Diagnostics Lab Automation

In devices performing everything from simple diagnostic tests to sophisticated DNA analysis, machine vision helps improve efficiency and increase throughput. Automating in-vitro diagnostic devices helps the healthcare industry to drastically reduce potential errors and more accurately help detect infection, diagnose medical conditions, prevent disease, and monitor drug therapies.

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Clinical diagnostic laboratories look to Cognex for solutions to help them increase throughput and improve quality. To solve their barcode reading and vision needs, Cognex offers both off-the-shelf and OEM systems that can be designed directly into products. Because vision systems are reliable, easy to set up, and operate at the highest efficiency levels, they can help the life science industry greatly reduce time to market. Cognex vision systems are easily configured to provide the necessary results with high reliability and low demand on additional infrastructures, such as CPU units or embedded PCs.

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