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In-Sight delivers 100% reliability on head gasket inspections for diesel engine manufacturing

Zapis engine block

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For engine designers and builders working in a wide range of environmental conditions ensuring that the thickness and quality of head gaskets on diesel engines is good enough to create a perfect seal between the engine and the engine block in is a critical challenge.

Polish machine vision integrator company PSA Zapis Hardware constructed a workstation for a leading European diesel engine manufacturer s to check the correct installation of head gaskets. The manufacturers carry out strict checks and intensive testing within the design process to ensure that the gasket seal will perform its function. To ensure reliability and accuracy beyond human inspection capabilities, Zapis installed an In-Sight® machine vision system.

Innovative Solution

Zapis deployed an In-Sight vision system and VisionView® control panel on the manufacturer’s work station. The In-Sight system’s durable aluminium and stainless steel housing is vibration-resistant and offers a wide range of options for use in spite of its small dimensions (30mm × 30mm × 60mm). The In-Sight vision system significantly increased the efficiency of monitoring the correct installation of the gaskets. Depending on the engine type that is being manufactured, operators upload the appropriate program to the vision system which evaluates the gasket type for adequate thickness. After re-measuring, the result is entered into the proprietary Moby system. The user interface displays the results on the VisionView panel and enables operators to add new gasket types very easily. The system is connected to the PLC (S-7) via I/O.

The In-Sight vision system can acquire up to 60 images per second in a standard 640 × 480 pixel resolution, and allows operators to display highly detailed images of the latest engine head gasket images being inspected. The In-Sight system can check about 2,400 engines a day, with a reliability of 100%. This impressive result cannot be reached with any other commonly-used quality inspection method.




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