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Cognex Edge Intelligence Performance Monitoring

The EI platform securely collects the most important device data and displays it in customizable visual performance dashboards. With EI’s powerful visualization tools, users can identify issues earlier and take corrective action faster.

Take swift action on performance information

The EI platform securely collects the most important device data and displays it in visual performance dashboards. Data points are plotted in a time series to help facility managers identify meaningful trends and intervene quickly when there are dips in performance.

Performance Dashboards on edge intelligence
no read terribly damaged 1d and 2d code

Analyze images of unread codes

EI stores full resolution images for post-processing diagnosis. Analyze and categorize images of unread codes, or “no-reads,” to find the root cause of performance issues.

  • Classify by similar issue
  • Securely store for regulatory purposes, audits, or chargebacks
  • Quickly find specific images with intuitive Results Explorer
  • Bulk download images and trigger data for offline analysis

Monitor changes to device settings

Unexpected changes to device settings puts the entire system at risk. But with EI, all modifications to device configurations are automatically archived, including the time of day and responsible operator. If a dip in performance occurs, you can quickly revert back to previous settings to get your line back to optimal performance.

  • History log
  • Timestamp
  • Username
  • Configuration comparison tool
Monitor changes to device settings
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