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DS800 Series Specifications

  DS810 DS820
Measurement range Clearance distance 25 mm 63 mm
Z-axis (height) Measurement range 5 mm 16 mm
X-axis (width) Near field of view 10.5 mm 22 mm
Middle field of view 11 mm 25 mm
Far field of view 11.5 mm 28 mm
Laser (light source) Wavelength 450 nm (blue)
Laser class 3R
Output power 2x Outputs, 24 VDC (max. 20 mA)
Spot size (middle field of view) 5.8–6.8 μm 11.5–14.5 μm
Sensor Data points/profile 1920
X resolution Top 5.8 µm 11.5 µm
Bottom 6.8 µm 14.5 µm
Z resolution Top 0.37 µm 1.1 µm
Bottom 0.45 µm 1.6 µm
Z repeatability1 Top 0.1 µm 0.2 µm
Bottom 0.1 µm 0.2 µm
Z linearity2 0.015% 0.005%
Temperature characteristics Operating Temp: 0–40 °C (32–104 °F)
Storage Temp: -20–70 °C (-4–158 °F)
Environmental resistance Housing protection IP65
Operation temperature3 0–40 °C (32–104 °F)
Storage temperature -20–70 °C (-4–158 °F)
Maximum humidity 20–90%, non-condensing
Scan rate up to 10 kHz
Housing material Aluminum
Weight < 550g
Dimensions 45 mm x 74 mm x 111 mm
Power supply requirements 24 VDC | 0 V
Inputs 2x inputs (5 - 24VDC) | Quadrature Encoder (AB - Channel, RS-422 standard)
Trigger START on input 1-2 | DATA on Quadrature Encoder input | DATA Trigger on input 2
Encoder specifications RS-422 standard
Interface Gigabit Ethernet

1 Z repeatability is measured an average of 100 times over a pointcloud using a 4x4 mm area, at the middle of the measurement range.

2 Z linearity is the maximum deviation of 250 position measurements on the measurement range, where a measurement is the average of 2 profiles using the standard Cognex target.

3 Mounted to a 400 mm aluminum bar on top of the camera.



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