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Three Reasons Why Automotive Manufacturers Should be Using 3D Machine Vision

I work with lots of automobile and automotive parts manufacturers and I'm always amazed at how they keep pushing the envelope on making products faster and with fewer defects while using fewer resources. Machine vision technology solves more automotive applications than ever, and this has been an important factor in making these manufacturers more efficient.

3D vision-guided automotive applications in particular are helping automotive manufacturers to:

  • Improve quality and prevent defects
  • Achieve compliance with new traceability requirements; and
  • Reduce waste, increase yield and boost productivity.

So what is stopping the entire industry from using 3-D machine vision? For starters, it's a big challenge, but one that can be overcome.

In order to effectively develop and deploy 3D machine vision applications, automakers, their suppliers, machine builders and systems integrators need to understand where 3D machine vision technology can improve the automotive manufacturing processes, the challenges for each application and the potential benefits.

To learn how 3D machine vision can help on your automotive production line, download the free Automotive Solutions Guide.

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