Simple Setup for One Or More Barcode Readers Reading More Than One Code

As a reminder, multiple code reading challenges require an barcode reader that: can 1) read any barcode or set of codes, every time; 2) easy to setup; can 3) control the data output; and is 4) simple to integrate into your processes. Let’s look at number two this week.

2. Simple setup for one or more barcode scanners

You could pay systems integrators to help you set up a multiple code reading application or you could figure out work-arounds to do the job yourself. Ideally, though, you’ll want to invest in a barcode scanner that makes setup easy, especially if you require multiple industrial barcode scanners to communicate together. It should be as simple as answering this question: “How many barcodes am I looking for and of what types?”

In the DataMan Setup Tool, for example, common across all DataMan image-based code reader models, you simply select the Multicode tab, and then make your selections. For a multiple barcode scanner system, you may link more than one DataMan unit together. They can be set up independently, but all communicate to one another and output all of their results as one.

Next time I’ll talk about data output, formatting and validation multiple code reading applications.

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