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Do More With Your Mobile Device: Mobile Barcode Reading Solutions

Logistics and manufacturing operations rely on barcode reading to track, trace, and sort items to improve workflow processes at every stage. But fixed-mount and handheld models don’t meet all the requirements. Unsurprisingly, there has been a growing trend of mobile device solutions for enterprise-grade applications. Organizations are increasingly turning to mobile solutions to solve in-house retail and light industrial applications, as well as to stand up to harsher warehouse and factory floor environments. Logistics, transportation, and manufacturing all rely heavily on mobile barcode reading for different applications:

Logistics and Transportation: Close-up and extended range scanning capabilities are ideal for reading barcodes on packages, field service equipment, shipping labels, and luggage.

Manufacturing: Terminal and mobile reader options are useful for scanning codes in factory settings and reading direct part mark (DPM) codes found on a variety of automotive parts and on manufacturing assembly lines.


Yet within the same organization, mobile barcode reading solutions often use different platforms on separate devices. This can result in multiple vendors, steep learning curves, and technology that quickly becomes obsolete.

This is why Cognex recently announced the first comprehensive family of mobile barcode reading solutions, which meet enterprises’ end-to-end scanning needs.

Cognex is committed to developing innovative mobile solutions for customers’ 1D, 2D, and DPM barcode reading challenges. With its complete portfolio of solutions, users can choose from a vision-enabled mobile terminal, mobile barcode reader, or a built-in smartphone or tablet camera to solve any barcode reading challenge, all while using the Cognex Mobile Barcode Software Development Kit (SDK) as the single software application.

Find out more about why Cognex is uniquely positioned to help businesses leverage the latest mobile device technology to increase productivity and reduce costs with our free Mobile Solutions Guide.

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