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Up to 2000 inspection positions with one vision system

Modular Digits using insight 5705 series

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What if multiple or large surface inspection and identification tasks could be performed using just one camera?  Often, a whole battery of cameras is needed or one camera has to be moved between inspection areas.  Quick and flexible, Modi's Adomo system relies on Cognex vision systems and makes it possible to set up cost-efficient checking systems. It is an ingenious invention, both flexible and simple in design.

Read small codes on large surfaces

While looking to find the best technology for reading data matrix codes on large surfaces, Modular Digits GmbH (Modi for short) developed a rotating mirror head. Combined with an In-Sight® camera or a VisionPro® system from Cognex, the result is a compact inspection unit which can perform a wide variety of image processing tasks with minimal use of materials.

Eureka! Large surface inspection in one small solution

The rotating mirror was developed when a fixed mirror was being adjusted. While looking for the perfect position for a small 1cm2 mirror for code reading in an awkward position, general manager Dieter Klawunder came upon the exciting idea of dynamic mirror deflection. Dieter Klawunder described his technological Eureka moment as follows: "It dawned on me that we should move mirrors freely using a processor instead of always setting them up in fixed positions." The resulting system is perfect for inspecting large surfaces and meets the toughest requirements while needing no more space than a shoe box. Consisting of the In-Sight camera from Cognex, a lens, a rotating mirror, stepper motor and electronic propelling system, Adomo can perform a wide range of checking tasks at high resolution.

Up to 2000 different inspection positions

The rotating mirror, which is controlled via stepper motors, deflects the camera visual range from the part being inspected to the In-Sight system at an accuracy of 1µm. Thanks to the high resolution, areas of up to 500 x 500 mm can be recorded and evaluated accurately with just one camera. Some of the main advantages include shorter cycle times, high checking accuracy and the unit’s space and cost-saving compactness. With the integrated microprocessor unit, the system can automatically move to and analyse up to 2000 different checking positions. In combination with the intelligent In-Sight camera, Adomo can also be implemented in existing production line without the need for an additional PC. Due to the movable mirror head, the system can easily inspect difficult-to-reach areas.

Typical application examples

  • Inspection and code reading for electronic device manufacturers (computers, PDAs etc..)
  • Code reading on electronic panels – or inspection of contact soldering : where codes cannot be easily detected, where many codes need to be read and inspected or where several cameras would normally be necessary…..
  • Inspection of electronic boards - inspection of the correct position and depth of pins on multiple electronic boards, high-speed-inspection  of electronic components and the correctness of soldered contacts
  • Inspection of fuses and controllers
  • Code reading for packaging materials

Compact, flexible and easy to use

Adomo can be operated as a standalone solution, or in combination with the software tool VCSP (Vision Control Server Package). Even the most complex checking procedures to be performed without any programming knowledge whatsoever on the part of the user. The intuitive user interface allows inspection programs to be created and new checking processes to be set up and trained in quickly and easily. With the software, the user can move the mirror to any position whatsoever and define the exact inspection position to an accuracy of thousandths of a millimeter. Adomo can also operate quickly in “handshake mode” — the inspection trio consisting of In-Sight, the movable mirror deflection technology and VCSP only requires 50 ms for data exchange. The results of the inspections are stored in an internal database and can be accessed at any time for fault evaluation purposes. Quick and flexible, Modi's Adomo system with Cognex technology makes it possible to set up cost-efficient checking systems with vision technology.

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