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In-Sight Machine Vision System Inspecting Spot Welds on Printed Circuit Boards

Meder using cognex software for number identification

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Printed circuit board (PCB) welding inspection is an industry which adopted machine vision rather early. The electronic components industry has also been a driver for technological development in the machine vision industry.

PCB manufacturing involves a high number of specifications, small components, and a high number of inspections required for each unit produced. Before using visual inspection, PCB manufacturers used human inspection. One worker needed around two minutes to inspect each circuit board. Many PCB manufacturers began looking for an automated machine vision system that could be easily integrated with their production processes and their production line controllers and facilitate site-staff model selection and site inspection results. MEDER, a PCB manufacturer located in Shanghai, partnered with industrial automation systems specialists at Shanghai Gojoy to meet this inspection challenge. MEDER and Shanghai Gojoy chose a Cognex In-Sight® 5403 vision system because of its good software interface and use of ActiveX that allowed them to easily integrate the system and   meet their inspection requirements.

MEDER uses Cognex vision systems to inspect the spot welds on the circuit board, identifying skipped welds, incomplete welds, and multi-welds. The In-Sight 5403 vision systems have unprecedented functionality and excellent durability, helping MEDER and other manufacturers around the world increase their production rates, ensure product quality, and reduce production costs. The In-Sight 5000 series provides industrial grade functional standard vision systems. The durable pressure-cast aluminum and stainless steel case can prevent damage caused by vibration. The sealed M12 connection and IP67 and IP68 grade protective lens cover can prevent dust and moisture from entering. The durable product means the inspection process can run peacefully, and satisfy MEDER’s requirements. At the same time In-Sight provides a complete Cognex vision tool kit, including easy-to-learn high-grade OCR tools, and a calibration procedure.

The In-Sight 5403 vision system sends the inspection results to MEDER’s database. Using the ActiveX controls provided by Cognex, the inspection system is sent to the third party interface software. Using ActiveX communication, the multiple results of an inspection are sent in one batch to the database for storage, and the results database and product schematic stored in interface software are compared, giving accurate visual results to the on-site staff.

Cognex visual inspection provides a very convenient interface setup and friendly software operations. In order to provide on-site staff with a simple and convenient operational procedure, a special database inspection adjustment interface is provided.

About Shanghai Gojoy

Shanghai Gojoy was established in March 2000, and specializes in research and development, sales, and technical services for industrial automation systems. After continual development, they have become experts in machine vision systems. They are China's top grade representative of Cognex. Gojoy provides and creates machine vision systems for different customers based on their unique demands. In the automobile, electronics, packaging, rubber, and medical equipment fields, they have abundant experience, and are considered national leaders.

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